Yaupon Basics: Yaupon is a shrub native to Central Texas and the southeastern United States that contains natural caffeine in its leaves. It is the only native plant in North America that contains caffeine and is a member of the Holly genus (Ilex).

Yaupon is related to the famous yerba mate of South America and can be brewed and prepared in the same way as its southern cousin.

Native Americans that lived in Central Texas drank tea made from yaupon leaves extensively.




Health Benefits: Yaupon is naturally high in antioxidants, polyphenols, and anti-inflammatory flavonoids. Yaupon also contains caffeine and a related alkaloid (theobromine) which is also found in green tea, chocolate, and yerba mate. 

Yaupon has a smooth caffeine buzz without the unpleasant crash experienced with other caffeinated drinks. Our yaupon products are naturally sugar free, additive free, and preservative free!




Environmental Benefits: Because our Yaupon is sustainably wild-harvested in Central Texas, we have drastically reduced transportation and water use needs in order to create our delicious bottled teas.

We pride ourselves on the fact that Yaupon has a much lower carbon footprint compared to coffee and other traditional teas which are intensively farmed and imported from all corners of the world.