Hiking Big Bend's Lost Mine Trail

Hiking Big Bend's Lost Mine Trail

Local Leaf is as local as it gets. Founders Eric and Stacy are born and raised Austinites. In 2011, they met and fell in love as instructors at the Austin Nature & Science Center. One night, Eric's passion for plants and Stacy's dream of owning her own business merged, and the idea of a Yaupon tea company started taking shape.

Then life happened. They got married and traveled far and wide exploring nature's bounty. The Yaupon tea idea continued to brew in their heads wherever their adventures took them.   

In life, as with tea, timing is everything. In 2016 the time felt right to bring Local Leaf to life. Local Leaf's goal is to remind us that you don’t have to go far to find just what you are looking for.

Eric and Stacy hope you love their local interpretation of Yaupon Matcha and Yaupon Mate.